The life on the via francigena... the new millenium

Sagra della focaccetta .

The hamlet of Vaccareccia, from the late '60s, is the scene of one of the most popular food events in the area, accompanying the end of summer during the first three weekends in September: La Sagra della Focaccetta.

The Focaccetta is an old bread typical of Lunigiana and Aulla area in particular. It is made based on wheat flour and maize, and is cooked in traditional clay dishes, called “testi”, on a strictly oak wood fire. It has a diameter of about 15 centimeters and a fairly small thickness of not more than half a centimeter.

The festival features some of the specialties of Lunigiana. You can enjoy of course the focaccetta, stuffed with soft cheese, sausage, bacon and blue cheese, or sweet with Nutella. In addition to this, there will be first courses as the typical testaroli, tagliatelle or ravioli served with pesto, meat sauce or mushrooms, as second courses, pork chops, ribs or sausages and various side dishes, all accompanied by the excellent Vermentino producted locally.

The food stands will be open every evening of the weekend for dinner and Sunday for lunch.

Via Crucis .

A tradition that is renewed for more than ten years is the Via Crucis between Quercia and Vaccareccia, following the beautiful mosaics made with the supervision of the teacher Claudio Serapiglia.

The fourteen stations that connect the hamlet of Quercia to the nearby hamlet of Vaccareccia were made in year 2000, thanks to the strong commitment of local citizens and parishioners to enhance that place. Every year, every Sunday of Lent, the procession which retraces the steps of the Via Crucis, starts from the first niche of Quercia, until the oratory of Vaccareccia. Along the way you can admire the colorful and vibrant images, retracing the path of the trail cross by Jesus.

The artworks in mosaic were made, under the supervision of the teacher Claudio Serapiglia, by: Paolo Baldini, Lara Bardi, Edy Bassignani, Elisabetta Battaglini, Miriam Brizuela, Claudia Ceselli, Laura Lazzerini, Lucia Leonardi, Lorenza Lombardi, Cecilia Malatesta, Federica Malatesta, Eliana Maloni Stefania Mastrini, Patrizia Serapiglia, Francesca Valenti, Nilde Vallerini, Romano Vendetti.